Lynne Knight

The Language of ForgettingThe Language of Forgetting

Sixteen Rivers Press (2018)

“Lynne Knight's mindful, lyrical The Language of Forgetting reads like a heart-and-soul video, Season One. Against a big backdrop of learn-and-let-go, each poem-episode streams me into her book's majestic mosaic, which I happen to feel as love vs. love. Her poetry thrills and intrigues, warns and shares, always in language that catches. Pluck any blue or querulous string--sex, God, a house that sings, kingdoms, learning and unlearning, girlhood, sisterhood, parenthood, death--and savor all the voices that quiver right back.”
—Al Young

There is no forgetting, really, in The Language of Forgetting. Instead, Lynne Knight holds on to what she cannot forget, all in the careful, caring language of remembering. The chaos of childhood, the bewilderment of parenting, the complications and contentments of long love, the unabating failures of the aging body, the sorrows that come with simply being alive--these are her subjects, rendered in poems at once painful and tender and necessary.”
—Andrea Hollander

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